Vegan food Digbeth

Our Vegan Food is provided by multi-award-winning BA-HA. After many years in the hospitality industry, co-founders Frankie Heekin and Becky Powell decided to launch BA-HA in 2018 to deliver the best of plant-based in Brum with a unique dining experience. 

Expect an exciting street food menu, hearty Sunday roasts (Guinness gravy you say?), brunches, late-night bar food and more! Looking for the drinks menu?

Brisket and Poutine
A Canadian staple with an Irish twist! BA-HA seasoned chips, shredded beef style brisket slowly roasted with melted cheese, Guinness gravy and cashew parmesan. (NFO)
Garlic Chicken & Herb Parmesan
Our famous King Kentucky strips with seasoned chips, BA-HA garlic mayo, charred corn, slaw, spring onion and sesame with a sprinkle of cashew herb parmesan. (NFO)
King Kentucky Burger (Buffalo / Maple BBQ / Original)
Our famous King Kentucky Burger with oyster mushroom, double stacked, golden fried and served with garlic and Sriracha Mayo, mixed leaf and seasoned chips. Choose your sauce: Buffalo / Maple BBQ / Original
Bostin Burger
Our very own secret recipe patty with che*se, onion, gherkin, mustard, garlic mayo and mixed leaf on a brioche style bun served with seasoned chips.
F&B’s Vegetable Lasagna
A hearty homemade lasagna packed full of seasonal vegetables layered with pasta, marinara, creamy béchamel, cheese and cashew parmesan with a fresh salad and balsamic dressing.
BA-HA Bowl
Slow roasted root vegetables, baked herb polenta, fresh mixed leaf with whipped lemon and tahini dressing mixed seed and cashew parmesan (GF)(NFO)
Baked Cajun Spiced Nachos topped with chilli sin carne, picca de Gallo, cheese sauce, spring onion, garlic and herb tahini whip and blossom.
Our crispy popular king Kentucky wings in a sauce of your choice: (BBQ / Hot Buffalo / Original) All served with BA-HA garlic mayo.
Calamari style rings coated in a light batter with lemon and dill mayo and charred lemon (GFO)
MAC and 3 Che*se
Our classic mac and cheese with smoked and mature style che*se topped with cashew parmesan. (GFO & NFO)
Shredded jackfruit marinated in bbq spices, golden panko fried, smothered in bbq sauce with crispy onions served with garlic mayo. (GFO)
Toasted Banana Loaf
Toasted homemade banana loaf with chocolate chips, rum glaze and vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate Brownie
Classic homemade chocolate brownie with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and roe.

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